Your bathroom says much about who you are. A bathroom can either be the showpiece of a house, or a messy disaster that you will want to steer guests away from.

In recent times, it has become highly fashionable to renovate bathrooms with the intention of making them pristine places of cleanliness and comfort.

We all know a key feature of any bathroom is the basin, or washing sink.

Bathroom basins come in many different styles and sizes, and are made from a range of materials.

Choosing a bathroom basin can be a very personal experience, and it is a choice that you want to get right if you are trying to create the perfect bathroom.

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Before you buy a new bathroom basin, you will need to do some planning. If you are renovating the entire bathroom, you will need to work out where you are positioning the basin; this will allow you to then decide on the size of basin you need.

Once you have established the size and positioning of the bathroom basin, you need to think about the type of basin you want. This means thinking about two things: the shape of the basin and the materials it is made from.

In terms of the shape, there are a couple of options to choose from. The two most common shapes are rectangular and oval-shaped basins. A third option that is gaining popularity in “modern” homes is the square shape basin.

You will need to choose a material type, and remember to make sure the material fits in with the overall feel of the bathroom you are creating. Ceramic / porcelain has always been the classic material, but now stone (especially granite) and glass basins are rising in popularity. A third option is the high-rise mixer, which has a taller base stem, allowing greater hand movement beneath the unit.

This can be a great option if you choose a narrow basin with little hand room.